The Honeycomb is a complete beauty and wellness center in the heart of Manchester, VT. 
Our mission is to provide a community of healers, herbalists, therapists, yogis and stylists in an environment that nourish the mind, body & soul.

The honeycomb itself is symbolic of teamwork and community. The architects move swiftly from flower to flower gathering pollen for their purposes,
meanwhile pollinating the plant - allowing it to thrive.
In this same way, the bee asks us what we are doing to ensure the growth of our inner gardens.  
What kinds of beauty can we visit in order to enrich our hearts and minds? 

The Honeycomb Beauty & Wellness Center is a welcoming place dedicated to helping you look and feel your best inside and  out.  

4351 VT-7A, Manchester Center, VT 05255
Please call 802-362-1528 for more information.


To book an appointmemt with Shawnon Hunter call: 802-688-4714
Hours by appointment only.